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A Solitaire Game App for Android by Tesseract Mobile
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Android App Blog

August 1, 2015

A Dev’s Life – Developing Features What do you want from your apps?  You want to do more with less work.  And that’s the convenience we wanted to bring to the table with our new One Tap user interface.   What is it? How many ways can you interact with solitaire on a touch screen?
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Free Game Solitaire of the Month

September 2, 2015

From the fiery heat of Nevada to the dazzling chill of Alaska… solitaire, that is.  Last month, we showed you some tips on playing Nevada Solitaire.  This month, we bring you Alaska Solitaire.   Please tune in to this great YouTube video to see us demonstrate everything you need to know to master Alaska’s challenging terrain.  And check
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Gin Rummy Tips

April 28, 2015

One of the best ways to win at Gin Rummy is to knock early in the hand rather than playing for Gin. Why? Here are two reasons: ♦ The temptation to hold high cards, like these, is very strong, especially to a rookie player.  In the beginning of the hand, when your opponent is likely to
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Solitaire Tips

October 9, 2015

A customer wrote in asking for tips to play Grandma’s Game. This has always been one of my favorites! It is also one of the most unique, hard-to-find games we offer in our Solitaire MegaPack. First, I’ll explain the basics. Cards are dealt to the Tableau and Stock. Tableau cards can be played onto Foundations
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About Tesseract Mobile

Tesseract Mobile is a software development firm that creates free apps and games for Android mobile phones and tablets. They also develop free apps for wearable devices including Google Glass and the Sony Smartwatch.

Joshua Frank and Laura Ockel founded the company in early 2009. Combining Josh's programming expertise with Laura's design skills, they released their first free mobile app, Montana Solitaire, in April of 2009.

In October of 2009 (just before the first Droid mobile phone came out) they released the Android app Solitaire MegaPack with 25 different free solitaire games. Today the MegaPack includes more than 150 free games with new games added all the time. It is still the top paid solitaire app in the Google Play Store.

The Solitaire Free Pack, a free alternative to the MegaPack, has been featured by Google Play 25 times and has gotten over 3 million downloads worldwide. With more free games and features added regularly, these are considered the best solitaire collections available.

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