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Solitaire Tip 4 – Meeting in the Middle

Many double-deck solitaire games have foundations that meet in the middle. What does that mean? Let’s take a look:

Algerian solitaire tip

Algerian Solitaire

One of the most played games in our Solitaire Free Pack!

♣ The tableau builds up or down in suit. Empty spaces fill with any card.

♥ Foundations build in suit, up from Ace to King or down from King to Ace.

♠ Reserves can be played onto the tableau or foundations. Be sure to move these cards up to the tableau stacks as often as possible. That is the key to winning Algerian!

Now you know the basics of the game, I’ll explain the “Meeting in the Middle” strategy.  Eventually, foundations of the same suit will meet in such a way that cards can be played from one to the other.  By doing this, you can reach any rank.

Algerian solitaire tips

So by moving the 10♣ over to the King foundation, we can now build down to the 9♣ from the reserve.

Algerian Solitaire tip

This simple tip can make all the difference to winning a game, and it works in most any double-deck game with Ace and King foundations. Our game instructions discuss the move, but I wanted to take a moment and explain how helpful it can be.

If you enjoy playing with Ace and King foundations, here is a list of the games available in our Solitaire Free Pack that have Ace and King foundations where you can use the “Meet in the Middle” strategy:



Box Kite


Crazy Quilt


Grandma’s Game   (check out “Grandma’s Game Tips”)

Hidden Quilt



My personal favorites are Box Kite and Grandma’s Game, which is one of the newest additions to the Solitaire Free Pack!  Box Kite is super easy to learn and fun to play.  They are all great games.  But the customer favorite, by far, is Algerian!

Would you like to play through the very same hand I’ve discussed in this article?  Just click on THIS LINK from your Android device and it will take you right to this hand of Algerian Solitaire… unless, of course, you don’t have the app.  Then it will take you to the Google Play store to download it :)

I won the hand in 205 moves.  See if you can beat that!



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