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Autumn Background from Autumn Mott

We have just added a most amazing background for fall.  Amber leaves drift gently on the autumn breeze, kissed by the golden afternoon sunlight.  Here it is, as seen with the popular solitaire game, Canfield.

Canfield Autumn

The focus on the falling leaves gives the image a beautiful dreamlike quality.  The photographer’s name is Autumn Mott, and you can see more of her work on her Unsplash page, or check out her website at autumnmott.wixsite.com/photography.
If you’d like to play solitaire with this fantastic fall image, download the Solitaire Free Pack or Solitaire MegaPack apps for Android today from the Google Play Store.
Want to try a new kind of solitaire? Canfield (shown above) is also called “Demon Solitaire”, which makes it a perfect game for the spooky month of October.  The game was invented by a casino owner in New York during the 1890s named Richard Canfield. The name “demon” refers to the pile of cards in the upper left, which was called the demon pile. This is what makes the game so challenging.
The foundations (top) build up in suit. The tableau stacks (2nd row) build down in opposite colors. The cards in the demon pile can play anywhere, and they will automatically fill spaces in the tableau.
If you like solitaire, Canfield is a fun change of pace, and it’s one of the many great solitaire games in our Solitaire Free Pack.  You can try Canfield today by tapping this button from an Android device:


And here is the original photograph with a link to the full-sized version on Unsplash. 
Autumn Mott’s complete Unsplash gallery can be seen HERE

a90 Autumn Mott

Photo by:  Autumn Mott


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