Tesseract Mobile

Happy Birthday to us!

Today, we celebrate our 8 year anniversary on the Google Play Store. 8 years ago today, we launched our first app on the Android Market, as it was called back then. That app was Montana Solitaire, a predecessor to our Solitaire MegaPack and Solitaire Free Pack. Montana was a stand-alone game, but it contained the building blocks
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Scissor Art made with Leaves

I was working on an idea for my card art challenge… something along this line… …and I noticed that the leaves cut into card suits looked really cool! The clubs and spades look especially awesome because of the way the leaf pattern continues from the base. It is surprisingly easy to cut leaves with a
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Yummy Pumpkin Seeds

What do you do with the seeds from 5 pumpkins? Let’s find out… After hosting our Company Pumpkin Carving Night, I had 5 pumpkins’ worth of seeds.  Last year, I’d heard people talk about cooking and eating the seeds, so I figured I’d give it a whirl. To dry or not to dry? Everyone says you
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Pumpkin Carving Night

Tuesday was our first ever company “event” – Tesseract Mobile Pumpkin Carving Night.  Check out the awesome pumpkins from our awesome team :) Our company logo, carved by Luke Murphy.   Our Solitaire MegaPack logo carved by Jennifer Oldfather   Our Gin Rummy logo carved by me, Laura Ockel   The Ace of Diamonds by
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