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Countdown to 2017 with Clock Solitaire

Clock solitaire

Looking for a way to pass the time as you ring out 2016?  Well what could be more timely than Clock Solitaire?!

The game is mindless and easy. Just tap the cards as they are turned up. Each card is moved to its corresponding place on the clock. So the 10 above will go to the 10 o’clock spot, and the top card there will be turned up. Then that card will go to its corresponding place on the clock, and on and on, until you turn up a King.

Clock solitaire game

Kings are moved to the center, and a new card is turned up from the pile on the right. The goal is to turn up all the face-down cards BEFORE all four Kings are sent to the center.

Clock Solitaire is really a timeless game, no pun intended ;)  This is another one of those classical solitaire games that I learned from my grandmother, playing it with real cards on the kitchen table, back when I was a kid. It was one of the most requested games in our company’s history. And we recently did a redesign on the layout to make it more circular on more devices, so now you can rock around the Clock even better than before!

Clock is available in our Solitaire Free Pack and Solitaire MegaPack apps for Android. Download for the Solitaire Free Pack on the Google Play Store today and you’ll have Clock just in time for the New Year!


If you’d like to see how this game ends, you can play this very same hand by clicking on this button using an Android device.

Come check it out. The time is now!



Clock Solitaire Instructions


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