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New Dynamic Card Style Revolutionizes Mobile Solitaire

Playing cards have been entertaining the world since the 1300s. Their design has evolved from early paintings on cardboard, to the sleek modern deck, to the digital era that freed players from needing to shuffle and deal ever again. So ends the story… until today.

Now, this rich tradition has gone a step further, as Tesseract Mobile pioneers a new dynamic card face for their Solitaire Free Pack and Solitaire MegaPack card games for Android. This revolutionary new playing card style adapts its look depending on whether the card is exposed or partially concealed. A partly concealed card displays a small rank and suit along the top edge, whereas a fully exposed card shows an altogether different style. The exposed card shows only a large rank and stylish suit embellished with delicate scrollwork. The dynamic change between styles allows for an overall minimalist design with reduced visual “clutter” and a look that is delightful to behold on any game or device.

“These cards been in development for more than a year.” says Laura Ockel, co-founder and designer for Tesseract Mobile. “This spring, we were finally ready to add them into the apps and see how they look in our 250 different solitaire games. After a few more revisions, the new cards are finally going out to the players!”

The font, placement, and size of the numbers and suits were carefully chosen to allow the two styles to blend organically, as if the concealed card face design is a natural extension of the exposed design. In classic solitaire, the card in front of a stack is the most important to see, so it has a large number and suit that is clearly visible, even on the smallest phone. The cards behind it have smaller numbers and suits, but it was crucial for those design elements to align smoothly with their larger counterparts. The font is bold and elegant. The high resolution, subtle dimension, and brilliant attention to detail come together to create a rich visual experience. We are seeing the culmination of playing card design and mobile technology.

This revolutionary new card face is available now in over 100 free solitaire games in the Solitaire Free Pack for Android. Download today in the Google Play Store at this link: Solitaire Free Pack

The Solitaire MegaPack is the deluxe version of the Android solitaire app with over 250 games and no ads. It is available for immediate download from the Google Play Store for just $2.99, just follow this link: Solitaire MegaPack

Tesseract Mobile is a St. Louis-based Android software development firm that creates free apps and games for Android mobile phones and tablets. Please visit  www.tesseractmobile.com/solitaire-tips/ for great solitaire strategy articles!

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