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Wood Fire Background from Wil Stewart

There are so many signs of autumn to delight the senses. The sight of the colorful leaves, the feel of the refreshing cool air, and the smell from wood-burning fireplaces. More than anything, that autumn smell brings back memories. You sense it on a breeze during an afternoon walk. It fills the night on an October bonfire. This image from Wil Steward captures that warmth and light brilliantly, and we are overjoyed to add it to our Solitaire Free Pack and Solitaire MegaPack for Android.

Wil StewartPhoto by:  Wil Stewart

Our backgrounds really help to create the ambiance of the game, which is why we enjoy bringing so many beautiful new images to our solitaire apps. In this last year, we have added 55 new photos to the app and nearly 100 total background options. Many only look good in a portrait or landscape orientation, but this one looks fantastic both ways.  Here you can see it shown with one of our most popular games, Klondike 1 Unlimited:

Klondike Solitaire Game

Klondike is so popular, it is almost synonymous with solitaire itself. Many people know this game only as “solitaire” and never hear the name “Klondike”. The traditional version of Klondike involves turning 3 cards up at a time. That game is called “Klondike – Solitaire” in our apps.

This alternate version turns cards up 1 at a time, but allows unlimited passes through the deck, hence the name “Klondike 1 Unlimited“. There is another version in our apps called “Klondike One” that gives only 1 pass through the deck. Of those three versions, Klondike 1 Unlimited is the easiest to play and to win.

campfire change game

If you like Klondike, there are many more games in the Klondike category in the  Solitaire Free Pack (above) and dozens in the Solitaire MegaPack. You can play the very same hand of Klondike 1 Unlimited shown here just by tapping this button using an Android device:


Here is the same hand near the end of the game. That’s another great thing about this photo – it makes you feel more warm and cozy as the game goes on, the cards play up, and the fire is revealed.

campfire end

I love the colors of the flame and the wood, and the curves and patterns are really fun to look at. The photographer’s name is Wil Stewart. Check out his Unsplash page HERE and his Instagram page www.instagram.com/wilstewart3/

♦ ♥ ♦

Big thanks to Wil and all the great photographers on Unsplash. And thanks to Unsplash for making it all possible and for making Unsplash an awesome place to be :)








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