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Flower Garden Solitaire with a new bouquet background

Flower Garden Solitaire

We just added two new backgrounds.  Today, I’d like to spotlight the first one – this beautiful French bouquet image – paired with the solitaire game Flower Garden.

The neat thing is, as you play the game, you reveal more and more of the beautiful flowers in the photograph.  Also, the 16 reserve cards on the left are called the “bouquet”, since you can pick any of them to use at any time.  Even with so many reserve cards, the game is challenging, mostly because you are not allowed to move ordered stacks.  Here is an image from later in the game, with more flowers showing, and this time I used the alternate card face design.

Flower Garden Solitaire

Would you like the enjoy the French Bouquet experience?  Just click the button below using an Android device. You will go to this very same hand of Flower Garden Solitaire in our Solitaire Free Pack .

deep-link-buttonTo change the background and card face, just tap the gear button at the bottom right and go to Appearance.

♥ ♣ ♥

The background used in our app is taken from a gorgeous image from the photographer Leonardo Wong which you can see below, or see the full-size version on Unsplash.com.

10F Leonardo WongImage credit – Leonardo Wong


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