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Forty Thieves will steal your heart ♥


I know two people who consider Forty Thieves solitaire to be their favorite go-to game. It has that special charm that drives a long-term love. Allow me to make an introduction…


2 Decks    8 Foundations build from Ace to King in suit
10 Tableau stacks of 4 cards, build down in suit


You can only move one card at a time – you can’t move stacks – so opening a tableau column is the first priority of the game! You’ll get one pass through the deck

Forty Thieves

Once you have one open column, you can use it to get to the low cards and aces in the other tableau stacks. Use cards from the deck to build the tableau and foundations. Later in the game, it is important to go through the dealt cards whenever you can rather than dealing more cards from the deck.

Forty Thieves Solitaire

If you’re ready to begin your own love affair with Forty Thieves solitaire, you can start today with our Solitaire Free Pack and Solitaire MegaPack apps for Android!  You can even play the same hand of Forty Thieves that I showed in this article, just by clicking on this button using your Android device:

play royal cotillion solitaire

And please enjoy this new gradient background I just designed for Valentine’s! It’s warm and fuzzy, with hints of gold and purple. More backgrounds are added all the time, so check out the Appearance screen and see what’s new!

If you  Forty Thieves, check out:

Diplomat (similar, but the tableau builds down regardless of suit)

Josephine (identical except ordered, suited piles can be moved)

Forty & Eight (identical with 2 passes through deck)

Limited (same rules but more stacks of fewer cards)

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