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Chinese Solitaire

Do enjoy playing Yukon, Scorpion, or Klondike solitaire? If so, you will love Chinese Solitaire. It combines aspects from all 3 games! Watch the video we made which shows how to play Chinese Solitaire, and get playing!     Chinese Solitaire is available in our Solitaire Free Pack and Solitaire MegaPack apps for Android.  Download today
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Double Klondike Solitaire

There’s regular Klondike Solitaire, and then there’s Double Klondike Solitaire. Double the FUN!! Watch this video we made, and start playing today.     Double Klondike Solitaire is available in our Solitaire Free Pack and Solitaire MegaPack apps for Android.  Download today and start the fun!  Look for the Solitaire Free Pack on the Google Play Store or Amazon
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Windmill Solitaire is unique because of its enormous center foundation.  Unlike most foundations which contain a single suite of cards (Ace through King), Windmill’s center foundation will receive 4 full suites when the game is won.  Also unique, all foundations in Windmill build regardless of suit.  As such, the strategy for Windmill solitaire is unusual but
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Terrace Solitaire

Terrace Solitaire is a rather unique game, especially in that it allows you to choose the base card for your foundations from 3 cards dealt out at the beginning of the game. Also known as Queen of Italy Solitaire, you can learn how to play Terrace in less than 4 minutes by watching this fantastic video!
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From the fiery heat of Nevada to the dazzling chill of Alaska… solitaire, that is.  Last month, we showed you some tips on playing Nevada Solitaire.  This month, we bring you Alaska Solitaire.   Please tune in to this great YouTube video to see us demonstrate everything you need to know to master Alaska’s challenging terrain.  And check
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Nevada was one of those games I just fell in love with the first time I played it. It’s easy to play and relatively easy to win, but there’s still a bit of strategy to Nevada solitaire. We can start by moving the available aces and deuces up to the Foundation.  The 16 Reserve cards can be
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Free Cell

Free Cell is a classic and ever-popular game among strategists and recreational players alike.  Check out our new YouTube video to learn all about it!     And check out our Backgrounds page to download the “Ring of Fire” and other great high-resolution background images!   Links: Free Cell Solitaire Instructions FreeCell on Wikipedia

Double Trouble

This is a fun little game, perfect to pass the time but requiring little concentration.  The object of Double Trouble solitaire is to remove all of the cards by pairs.  Each card has 3 face-down cards underneath, so when the top one is removed, the next is flipped over.  The cards that have been paired are discarded to the
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Seahaven Towers

Seahaven Towers solitaire is a popular game, similar to Free Cell except that the tableau builds down in suit instead of opposite colors.  Additionally, (and this is the real challenging bit about the game) you can only put a King into an emptied column. Check out this video that shows a Seahaven Towers game beginning
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Russian Solitaire

Why is Russian Solitaire one of our most popular games?  I have always wondered that myself.  It’s a really hard game!  But, amazingly, Russian is 3rd in popularity after Klondike and Free Cell in our Solitaire Free Pack. Similar to Yukon (one of my favorites), the difference is that in Russian, the tableau builds down in
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