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Frosty Backgrounds by Aaron Burden

We’ve just added two new game backgrounds based on these frosty winter photos from Aaron Burden on Unsplash.  Let’s look at the first one, shown with the fun pairing game Double Trouble solitaire:

Double Trouble solitaire

I just love the colors and details in this shot.  The background is full of soft bokeh, giving the branches such dimension! It looks great with every game, both in portrait and in landscape. The mood is perfect for November, just hinting at the season and the beauty that can be found, even in unexpected places.

The second new background is another of Aaron Burden’s works. He is one of my favorite photographers on Unsplash and his snowflake photos are some of the best anywhere! The soft blues and rich greens are so perfect, and the crystal details are extraordinary! Here you can see it shown with the same hand of Double Trouble solitaire near the end of the hand.

Double Trouble

Double Trouble solitaire is a fun and easy pairing game where the goal is to remove all the cards by matching any 2 cards of the same rank. It is one of the 100+ games in our Solitaire Free Pack for Android.  We also offer a premium version of the app with 250 games called the Solitaire MegaPack.  Both are available for download from the Google Play Store.  You can start playing today and enjoy these great new backgrounds too!

Would you like to play the very same hand of Double Trouble solitaire shown above?  Just tap this button using an Android device and it will get you there.


These are the original images with links to the full-size version of Aaron Burden’s photos on Unsplash.  There are a total of four of Aaron’s photos in our solitaire apps!

Aaron Burden’s complete Unsplash gallery can be seen HERE.

His personal/professional website is www.aaronburden.com

y86 Aaron Burden frosty branchPhoto by: Aaron Burden

y87 Aaron Burden snowflakePhoto by: Aaron Burden

y89 Aaron Burden pumpkinPhoto by: Aaron Burden

sL05 Aaron Burden crayonPhoto by: Aaron Burden

Many of the photographs used in our Solitaire Free Pack and Solitaire MegaPack came from Unsplash, and the source information for those images can be found on these pages:

Backgrounds – Still Life

Backgrounds – Places

Backgrounds – People & Animals





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