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Master in Minutes – Fission Solitaire

Fission Solitaire how to play

Fission is a fun and fast-paced solitaire game.  It’s easy to learn but hard to explain, so let’s do it the easy way – in a 2 minute video we made this week!


So, now that you know how to play, let me show you a couple of things.

As the video explains, once the Fission stacks divide, the remaining cards become Foundations, like the Ace of Spades in the screenshot below.  We can play the 2♠ from the Tableau on the right and the 3♠ from the Fission pile on the left, as the orange arrows indicate.  After that, the 4♠ will automatically build onto the foundation, as the pink arrow shows.

Fission Solitaire Strategy 2

Here is a shot from later in the game, when most of the cards have already been played to the foundations.  The spades have all been consolidated down to a single foundation, and the diamonds are just one move away from being complete.

Fission Strategy 3

The tableau stacks (on the right) can be built in any order, regardless of rank.  So remember to build in such a way that you won’t be blocking your plays later.  If I had put the 8♣ on top of the 7♣, the game would be lost.

Another great alternative!

If you like Fission solitaire but don’t like this last rule, there’s a great option for you. It’s called Fission Easy, and it’s just like Fission, but with one big difference. In Fission Easy, you can move cards from one tableau stack to another. That means you don’t have to worry about blocking future plays as long as you can open up another tableau stack.

Fission is a great game that requires a bit of strategy. Fission Easy is a fun game that’s easy to win and perfect to relax and unwind. Try them both in our Solitaire Free Pack for Android, available in the Google Play Store or Amazon App Store.

Or, to make it even easier, tap this button using an Android device and it will take you right into the hand of Fission solitaire shown above.


I won with a score of 8,014.  See if you can beat that!

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