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Interactive Charts added to Game Statistics

Players celebrate as their game accomplishments are beautifully rendered in jewel-toned interactive charts in the Solitaire Free Pack by Tesseract Mobile.



The Solitaire Free Pack by Tesseract Mobile will soon include interactive charts so players can visualize their game statistics in a whole new way. This feature will be launched this week in an update to their Android app in the Google Play Store.

Solitaire Free Pack has been a top Android game for over 7 years. Two years ago, Tesseract Mobile developed a new scoring system and statistics so players can view dozens of game aspects in the 100+ solitaire games contained in their free solitaire app for Android. Three Towers and Golf Solitaire give stats for longest card runs. Spider-style games track suites and cards turned over. Klondike, the classic and most popular solitaire game, includes 10 different statistics in the Solitaire Free Pack. Now, players will be able to see how many cards they’ve played to the foundations in each game they play, or see the time bonus on each winning game to find out if their play speed is improving over time.

The new charts give options to show high, average or low statistics, and the running averages for those data streams. This means the player can view his high scores for each day, and see if today’s high is better than usual. Running averages also show trends, so a player who is developing a strategy can see if it pays off by viewing her moves statistic or expedient bonus, which is awarded based on winning a game in the fewest possible moves. Solitaire games involving strategy are often used as brain training, and these in-depth stats and colorful charts make it fun and easy to see your progress. “The charts are fun to play with. You can see your scores and game history in whole new way, unlike anything available in a solitaire app before now.” says Laura Ockel, co-founder of Tesseract Mobile, “If you’re in to solitaire, you will love exploring your game accomplishments with the Solitaire Free Pack interactive charts!”

The in-depth solitaire statistics are available now in over 100 free solitaire games in the Solitaire Free Pack for Android. The interactive chart update is expected to launch early this week. Download today in the Google Play Store at this link: Solitaire Free Pack

The Solitaire MegaPack is the deluxe version of the Android solitaire app with over 250 games and no ads. It is available for immediate download from the Google Play Store for just $2.99, just follow this link: Solitaire MegaPack

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