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New Holiday Graphics

Christmas is nearly here and we want to share in the joy of the season with some great new seasonal game backgrounds and card backs in our Solitaire Free Pack and Solitaire MegaPack. Our newest update added 7 new card backs, 4 of which are holiday themed, and new backgrounds are added all the time. I just finished adding 3 new beautiful backgrounds from Unsplash. Here is my personal favorite, a classical Christmas wreath photograph from Jez Timms.

Jez Timms article

Apart from being a stunning wreath, the colors of the image are rich and saturated and the details are full of happy holiday memories. The scent of pine needles and mulled cider, vivid berry reds against lush greens, this image is so full of life and joy. Shown with one of my new Christmas card backs to bring it all together.

If you have an Android device, download our free solitaire app today and enjoy over 100 different solitaire games and beautiful graphics like these. The Solitaire Free Pack for Android is one of the most popular solitaire games on the Google Play Store. We also offer a premium version of the app with 250 games called the Solitaire MegaPack.  Both apps feature a variety of beautiful free high-resolution backgrounds from talented photographers all around the world.

Jez Timms has an impressive and varied collection of images available on his Unsplash profile. His Unsplash gallery can be seen HERE.

His personal/professional website is:  jeztimms.carrd.co

And here is the original Christmas Wreath photograph with link to the full-size image on Unsplash.com

Jez Timms wreath

Photo by: Jez Timms


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