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A Free Android Poker Square App by Tesseract Mobile

Poker Square

Arrange cards to create the best possible poker hands in each row and column.


Cards are turned up one at a time. Each card must be placed either in the Grid or in the Discard Pile which can only contain 5 cards. Once placed, the cards can never be moved again.



Scoring: Poker hands are scored as follows:
Royal Flush – 100 Points (Suited Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10)
Straight Flush – 75 Points (5 Suited cards in sequence)
Four of a Kind – 50 Points (4 Cards with the same rank)
Full House – 25 Points (Three of a Kind and a Pair)
Flush – 20 Points (5 Cards with the same suit)
Straight – 15 Points (5 Cards in sequence)
Three of a Kind – 10 Points (3 Cards with the same rank)
2 Pair – 5 Points (2 Pairs of cards with the same rank)
1 Pair – 2 Points (2 Cards with the same rank)




Please note the sequenced cards in a Straight or Straight Flush need not be arranged in order. For example, a 4, 6, 8, 5, 7 will still count as a Straight


– Smooth, Fast Gameplay
– Sound Effects
– Crisp Card Graphics
– High Scores
– Points Displayed for Each Hand
– Convenient on-screen Undo
– Best of all… FREE!






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