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Speed Card

The classic card game Speed Card comes

to Android!

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Try to get rid of all of your cards before the computer opponent does. The opponent gets faster after each level!

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Your cards are at the bottom of the screen. Your opponent’s cards are at the top. Cards can be played onto the two center piles if the rank is one higher or lower. For example, you can play a 2 or 4 onto a 3 in the center. An Ace can play onto a King and vice versa. Any card can play onto a WILD. When no more cards can be played, new cards will be dealt to the center.


Tap your cards to move them to the center. Keep going until you run out of cards. If you get rid of your cards before your opponent, you will go onto the next level.


 Infinite Levels with Increasing Difficulty
 Smooth, Fast Gameplay
♦ Sound Effects (Optional)
 Crisp Card Graphics
 Global High Scores
♣ Best of all… it’s FREE!

Ad supported so we can continue to provide GREAT GAMES at no cost to you! 

For your playing enjoyment, ads do NOT show during gameplay!

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