Tesseract Mobile

11s Up


Category : Pairing
Type : Speed Games
Luck : Balanced
Difficulty : Easy
Time : Short


Remove groups of cards that add up to 11.  If you remove the entire tableau, you win the round.  Win 2 rounds to win the game and go on to the Bonus Round for extra points.



– Double – Diamond Tableau.

– The Deck at the bottom left.

– 2 Dealt Piles and 1 Waste Pile (grayed) to the right of the Deck.

– 1 Discard Pile (grayed) at the far right.



Remove any 2 or more exposed cards that add up to 11.  Tap a card to select it.  The deck is stacked with extra Aces which have a value of 1.

Tap the Deck to turn up one card at a time.  If you cannot use this card, it will move from the first Dealt Pile to the second Dealt Pile when you deal the next card.  The cards in the second Dealt Pile will then replace empty spaces on the Tableau.  If spaces are not available in the Tableau, the card is discarded to the Waste Pile.

When the Deck is exhausted and you are unable to remove any more cards, tap the FINISH button (checkered flag) to end the game and get your score.



Each card removed gains points.  However the point values are determined by the location of the cards.

– Dealt Pile = 20 points

– Level 1 (bottom level) = 100 points

– Level 2 = 200 points

– Level 3 = 300 points

– Level 4 = 400 points

– Level 5 (top level) = 800 points

– The first time any of the 3 peak cards are removed, a bonus is rewarded.

– 100 extra points are given for each card left unused in the Stock Pile.

– A time bonus is awarded when a round is completed quickly.



The game is won if you remove the tableau in Round 1 and Round 2.  The Bonus Round is given as a chance to get a higher score, but it is not necessary to beat the Bonus Round in order to win the game.

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