Tesseract Mobile

Battlement Blitz

Battlement Blitz 1

Category : Golf
Type : Speed Games
Luck : Balanced
Difficulty : Easy
Time : Short


Remove as many cards as possible before time runs out.



– A Battlement-style Tableau with 10 stacks of 2-4 cards each.

– The Deck at the bottom left.

– 1 Waste Pile at bottom right.

– 60 Seconds on your clock.



Select any card from the Tableau to move to the Waste Pile. Continue moving cards to the Waste building up or down regardless of suit and wrapping from Ace to King as needed. When play reaches a standstill, tap the Deck to deal a new card to the Waste and continue building.

When you are unable to remove any more cards, tap the FINISH button to stop the clock and get your score.



– Each card removed from the Battlement gains points, but the amount of points gets higher the longer you stay in the same run of cards. The first card is worth 100 points, the second 200, the third 300 and so on… When you deal a new card from the Stock Pile, the run resets and the next card you remove will be worth 100 points.

– The amount of seconds you have left at the end of the game will multiply by 10 and be added to your score.

– Removing an entire column will add 500 points for a short column or 2000 points for a tall column.

– There is a 5000 point bonus for removing the entire Battlement.



A score of 30000 points wins the game.

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