Tesseract Mobile

Climbing Pyramid


Category : Adding
Type : 1 Deck
Luck : Balanced
Difficulty : Easy
Time : Short


Eliminate the entire Pyramid by removing pairs of cards that equal 13.



– Pyramid-shaped Tableau with 7 layers.

– The Deck on the right.



As in classic Pyramid, exposed cards can be removed in pairs that add up to 13.  Additionally, you can pair a card even if only one of the two bottom corners is exposed.  In other words, a card can be played even if there is still 1 card covering it, just so long as there are not 2 cards covering it.

Queens are worth 12 and Jacks are worth 11.  Therefore, the cards that can be removed are Ace+Queen, 2+Jack, 3+10, 4+9, 5+8, 6+7.  Kings are worth 13, so they do not need to be paired.  Just tap on a King to remove it.  To select a pair, simply drag one card on top of the other or tap to select each card.

Tap the Deck to turn up 1 card at a time.  These cards can be paired with the Pyramid cards, or they will move down the Waste Pile.  The top most card from the Waste Pile can also be used.  Only 1 pass through the deck is allowed.



Remove the entire Pyramid to win.

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