Tesseract Mobile


Clock 1

Category : Unique
Type : 1 Deck
Luck : Luck
Difficulty : Hard
Time : Short


Move all cards to their corresponding position on the clock before the 4th King appears.



– 12 Tableau Stacks of 4 cards each in a circular layout. Each stack represents an hour on a clock.

– 1 Stock Pile on the right with 4 cards.



One card is dealt from the Stock Pile. Tap the card to move it to the corresponding position on the clock. That card will go face-down on the stack and the card from the bottom of the stack will be turned face up. That card must then be moved to its corresponding stack, and so on. Tap cards to move them automatically.

When a King is exposed it is moved to the King pile in the center and a new card is turned from the Stock Pile. After all 4 cards of a rank have been placed in their corresponding position on the clock, the cards disappear to indicate that position has been filled.



The game is won if all cards have been moved to their clock positions before the 4th King is sent to the center. If any position around the clock has not been filled with its 4 corresponding cards, the 4th King will end the game. This is purely a game of luck.

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