Tesseract Mobile

Creepy Crawly

Creepy Crawly

Category : Spider
Type : 2 Decks
Luck : Balanced
Difficulty : Medium
Time : Long


Similar to Spider except the Tableau cards are face up.



~ Double Deck ~

– 10 Tableau Piles of 5 cards each.

– The Deck on the bottom left.



Group all cards into sets of 13 building down from King to Ace in suit.  Tableau stacks can be built down regardless of suit, but ordered groups can only be moved if they share the same suit.  For example, if you have 3 and 4 of Spades on top of a 5 of Hearts, only the 3 and 4 can be moved as a group.  Once you have built a complete set of suited cards from King to Ace, it will be removed.  An empty space can be filled with any card or stack.

When play comes to a standstill, tap the Deck to deal out 1 card to each Tableau stack.



The game is won when all cards have been grouped into ordered sets and removed.

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