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Grandma’s Game

Grandmasgame 1

Category : Unique
Type : Double Deck
Luck : Skill
Difficulty : Hard
Time : Long


A unique game with good opportunity for planning and strategy.



~ Double Deck ~

– 8 Foundations – 4 start with an Ace and build up in suit, 4 start with a King and build down in suit.

– 13 Tableau Stacks, each stack corresponding with a card rank. The top left stack is the Ace stack, the bottom right stack is the King stack.

– 1 Stock Pile of face-down cards below the Foundations.

– The Workspace at the bottom is used to sort the Tableau stacks.



At the start of the game, cards are dealt into the Tableau and Stock Pile. Move these cards to the Foundations. The top 4 Foundations build up from Ace to King in suit, the bottom 4 build down from King to Ace. Each suit must have 1 Ace Foundation and 1 King Foundation.

Tap the Stock Pile to deal out one card into the workspace. The corresponding Tableau Stack will then be brought into the workspace for you to sort. This allows you to re-order the stack so the cards you will need sooner will end up at the top. Cards in the workspace can also be played onto the Foundations. Once you are done sorting, tap the Finish Sorting button and the cards will be picked up in order and returned to their place in the Tableau. Cards at the top left of the workspace will end up at the top of the stack, cards at the bottom right will end up on the bottom of the stack.

Eventually the Foundations of the same suit will meet (for example, one builds up from Ace to 6, the other builds down from King to 7). At this time, cards can be transferred between these Foundations.



Move all cards to the Foundations to win.


Tips & Strategies:

For more information about this game, check out this Grandma’s Game Strategy Guide!

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