Tesseract Mobile

Heads and Tails


Build 8 Foundations down from King to Ace or up from Ace to King in suit.



~ Double Deck ~

– 8 Foundations at the top.

– 8 “Head” Tableau cards directly below foundations – build up or down in suit.

– 8 “Middle” Reserve Stacks with 11 cards each.

– 8 “Tail” Tableau cards on the bottom row – build up or down in suit.



Cards in the Head or Tail tableau rows can be played to the Foundations or onto another Tableau stack, building up or down in suit. Open spaces in tableau are filled from the middle stack directly above or below it. When that middle pile is empty, tableau spaces are filled from the middle pile to its left. When all middle stacks are empty, tableau spaces can be filled with any card.  Middle cards can only be used to fill open spaces. Tableau stacks can not wrap from King to Ace.



Move all cards to the Foundations to win.

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