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Kings Corner

Kings Corner 1

Category : Unique
Type : 1 Deck
Luck : Balanced
Difficulty : Medium
Time : Medium


Remove all cards except Kings, Queens and Jacks.



– 16 Tableau Spaces.

– The Deck on the right with 1 card turned up.



Cards from the Deck are turned up 1 at a time. Once a card is turned up, it must be placed on one of the 16 Tableau spaces. Kings can only be moved to corners, Queens to the left and right sides, Jacks to the top and bottom as shown here:


Q _ _ Q

Q _ _ Q


Number cards can go onto any space, including the K, Q and J spaces. Each space can only hold 1 card.

Once all 16 spaces are filled, you can begin removing cards that add up to 10. To select a pair, simply drag one card on top of the other. 10s do not need to be paired – just tap on a 10 to remove it.

When you have removed as many cards as possible, the Deck will automatically turn up another card. You can then resume moving cards to the open spaces until they are full again.

* Cards can ONLY be removed after ALL the Tableau spaces are full. While you are filling spaces “Fill Mode” is displayed below the Deck. When all spaces have been filled, “Pair Mode” appears instead.

* You cannot resume filling spaces until all possible pairs and 10s have been removed. When all pairs and 10s are removed, the words “Fill Mode” will reappear and a new card will be turned up for you to place.

* If a card has been turned up and you are unable to place it in the Tableau, the game is lost. For example, if all J spaces have been filled and a Jack is turned up, the game ends.



The game is won when the Deck has been emptied and only the face cards remain in the Tableau.


Tips & Strategies:

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