Tesseract Mobile



Category : Unique
Type : 2 Decks
Luck : Balanced
Difficulty : Medium
Time : Medium


Similar to Mount Olympus except empty Tableau stacks cannot be filled.



~ Double Deck ~

– 8 Odd Foundations start with an Ace and build A-3-5-7-9-J-K

– 8 Even Foundations start with a 2 and build 2-4-6-8-10-Q

– 9 Tableau Stacks form the “Mountain”.

– The Deck on the left.



Cards in the Tableau can be moved to a Foundation or onto another Tableau stack. The Tableau builds down in suit, so a 5 of Clubs can only go onto a 7 of Clubs. Ordered, suited stacks can be moved. Empty Tableau stacks are filled automatically from the deck. Once the deck is empty, spaces in the Tableau can not be refilled.

When play comes to a standstill, tap the Deck to deal out 1 card to each Tableau stack.



Move all cards to the foundations to win.  If won, the Kings and Queens will be arranged in the heavens above the “mountain”, reminiscent of the Greek gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus.

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