Tesseract Mobile



Category : Adding
Type : 1 Deck
Luck : Balanced
Difficulty : Hard
Time : Short



Eliminate the entire Triangle by removing pairs of cards that equal 13.



– Inverted Triangle Tableau with 7 layers.

– The Deck on the right.



Exposed cards can be removed in pairs that add up to 13.  Queens are worth 12 and Jacks worth 11.  Therefore, the cards that can be removed are Ace+Queen, 2+Jack, 3+10, 4+9, 5+8, 6+7.  Kings are worth 13, so they do not need to be paired.  Just tap on a King to remove it.  To select a pair, simply drag one card on top of the other.  Tap the Deck to turn up 1 card at a time.  These cards can be paired with the Triangle cards, or they will move down to the Waste Pile.  The top most card from the Waste Pile can also be used.  Only 1 pass through the deck is allowed.



Remove the entire Triangle to win.

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