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Crescent Solitaire makes your Paris morning complete

Crescent SolitaireIt isn’t just a background or a decoration – it’s the ambiance for your solitaire gaming experience. This is the place you go to relax, to unwind, to escape.  And every detail should be beautiful and perfect, because you deserve only the best.

That is the inspiration behind this image, Breakfast in Paris, the first of a series I designed for our Solitaire Free Pack and Solitaire MegaPack.  Breakfast in Paris was added to the background gallery last week, with more to follow. The collection combines spring flowers, fruits and pastries, teas and coffees, artfully chosen and arranged to delight the senses.

I thought this would be a great companion image for the solitaire game Crescent because a croissant is shaped like a crescent, and even though I thought they might be busy together, the white cards are given dimension because of their brightness so they seem to pop off the screen!  It turned out better than I expected.  Thought I must admit, I just did this shot for the strawberry hearts.  They’re just center slices ;)  You can eat the ends while you’re cutting them up, like a bonus, and you still have a nifty plate of strawberry hearts for your drinks or salad garnish or just an “I love you” for your honey.  Cool, right!

Oh, yeah… I got off track with photography and artistic snacking, but I was going to tell you about Crescent solitaire.  The inner piles are foundations and they build in suit from King down to Ace or from Ace up to King.  The outer piles build up OR down in suit.  It’s like a treasure hunt, and you’re digging in all these piles for cards you can move to the center.

Crescent SolitaireWould you like to recreate this experience?  Here’s how!  This button will take you to this very same hand of Crescent Solitaire.  It’s a really fun game.  You will love it ♥


Then, go to the gear button and tap “Appearance” to change your background.  There are so many great images to choose from, you can create a beautiful ambiance for your game today!

And if you like Crescent, give Box Kite solitaire a try sometime!

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