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Pyramid Solitaire – the Bronze Winner

Pyramid solitaire

Klondike is, of course, the most popular solitaire game.  With all the solitaire variations available, Klondike is still nearly synonymous with solitaire.  The second place winner is Free Cell.  But what is the third?  Amazingly, in our Solitaire Free Pack, the third place for game popularity goes to Pyramid Solitaire.  The bronze medal winner from the Bronze Age!

You can learn how to play Pyramid in a minute and a half with this fantastic YouTube video:

If you’d like to learn some excellent strategy tips for Pyramid Solitaire, check out this this article: Pyramid Strategy.

Pyramid is available in our Solitaire Free Pack and Solitaire MegaPack apps for Android. Look for the Solitaire Free Pack on the Google Play Store or Amazon App Store.

Pyramid Solitaire Game

If you’d like to see how this game ends, you can play this very same hand by clicking on the link below using an Android device:


See what makes it such a timeless, popular game!



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