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Scissor Art made with Leaves

Scissor Art with Leaves

I was working on an idea for my card art challenge… something along this line…

1S wip

…and I noticed that the leaves cut into card suits looked really cool!

Maple Leaf Club by Tesseract Mobile

The clubs and spades look especially awesome because of the way the leaf pattern continues from the base.

It is surprisingly easy to cut leaves with a small, sharp scissor.  It’s best to use freshly fallen leaves.  You may want to press them a day or so before cutting them, and be sure to press them after cutting to prevent curling and wrinkling.  If they are allowed to dry too long, they will be too brittle to cut.

1S wip2

Start by cutting out rough forms, then trim them down into detailed shapes later. It can be hard to visualize how the shape you want to cut will work with the shape of the leaf, so be sure to grab some extra leaves for practice.





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