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Seahaven Express, a fast favorite for FreeCell fans

Seahaven Express is a Tesseract Mobile exclusive solitaire game. It is an easier version of the popular Seahaven Towers, a FreeCell solitaire style game where the tableau builds down in suit, but empty columns can only be filled by a King.

Seahaven Express solitaire is easier because an empty column can be used to help move card stacks, as shown in the screenshot below:

The Q-J-10 stack is moving from the far left column over to the K♣. You can use the empty column to move the J♣ and use the empty cell to move the 10♣, then move the Q to the K. How is this possible, when an empty tableau column can only be filled with a King? The operative word there is “filled”. In Seahaven Express, you can use an open column like an “express lane” to move a card. However, only a King can be “parked” in the empty column. The 4 cells at the top can be used to “park” any card.

Check out this video we made that shows how the original Seahaven Towers solitaire is played.

If you like FreeCell, try Seahaven Towers when you’re in the mood to change it up. If Seahaven Towers is too limited for your taste, try Seahaven Express. Seahaven Express Solitaire is exclusive to our Solitaire Free Pack and Solitaire MegaPack apps for Android.



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