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Android owners can now play solitaire in a very unsolitary way

Tesseract Mobile announces a game-changing feature in their Solitaire Free Pack. Now Android customers who play solitaire can share a winning deal and challenge friends to play it for a better score.

What was once an isolating game, solitaire has found its way into the modern social age without losing any of its laid-back charm. The Solitaire Free Pack and Solitaire MegaPack apps for Android have an exciting new feature, a “Challenge” button in the winning fireworks screen. This button allows the player to issue a challenge to play the same deal of the same solitaire game.

Solitaire Challenge

“The idea came from a customer request.” says Laura Ockel, co-founder of Tesseract Mobile. “He said he and his wife liked to share the especially difficult deals they came across playing Windows FreeCell. And that sounded really awesome to me. Imagine being able to share that winnable hand of Aces Up or Alternations!”

The Solitaire Free Pack has over 100 varieties of solitaire. Some of them, like Alternations, is rarely won even though it is a wildly popular solitaire game. The game of solitaire is centuries old and until very recently, it has been a very solitary game. “In fact I’ve found several people, like my grandmother, who refer to Klondike, the classic card game for one, as ‘solitary’ rather than ‘solitaire’.” Laura says. “It made sense, after all. But now you can enjoy the same relaxing experience while still interacting with your friends. You can share your favorite hands of your favorite games, compare scores, and see a long-loved pastime in a whole new way. It’s a pretty great way to play solitaire.” Laura writes solitaire strategy articles on the Tesseract Mobile website. Tesseract Mobile has also created a series of how-to videos on YouTube to introduce new solitaire games to players. They have a clear passion for sharing the love of solitaire.

For free solitaire download on your Android devices, go to the Google Play Store or follow this link: Solitaire Free Pack.

The Solitaire MegaPack is the deluxe version of the Android app with over 200 games and no ads. It is available for immediate download from the Google Play Store for just $2.99, just follow this link: Solitaire MegaPack.

Tesseract Mobile is a St. Louis-based Android software development firm that creates free apps and games for Android mobile phones and tablets. Please visit www.tesseractmobile.com for more information.

From the Tesseract Mobile press release dated 9/7/16.
Click HERE to see the official press release. 

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