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Tip 3: Wait for it! Conquering auto-fill solitaire games

Some solitaire games seem so limited, they almost play themselves. So what’s the point? Well, let me show you some simple solitaire tips that will make all the difference in games you may have thought were all “luck”.  Let’s look at the game Royal Cotillion.

In Royal Cotillion, foundations (center) build up by twos in suit, so the 3♠ could play on to the Ace♠.  However, the tableau auto fills from the deck, so the space left by the 3♠ would be filled by that K♦.  Do we want the K♦?  The big X is probably a clue, but if you look at the game, you’ll see why.

Solitaire Strategy

We won’t have a chance to play the K♦ to a foundation until after we get the A♦ 3♦ 5♦ and J♦.  In other words, we probably won’t need that card for a long time.

Therein lies the “wait for it” strategy.  Instead of playing every move as soon as you can make it, wait until a good card is dealt.  Fill the tableau with cards that you’ll be needing sooner rather than later, and leave the junk in the dealt pile.

Solitaire Tip Royal Cotillion

Waiting for the good cards allows us to build a tableau full of awesome cards like these:

Solitaire Tip Wait for it

All of these spades can play up.  So can the 2♦ and 5♥.  The best thing about this strategy is, when a string of good cards are dealt, we will have lots of tableau spots available to contain them.

♥ ♣ ♥

On the other hand, here is the same game, but it has been played without using strategy.  After some moves, here we are:

Solitaire TipI’ve highlighted some of the main problems.  There are duplicates on the 8♦ 9♦ and Q♦ and the second diamond foundation hasn’t even been started yet.  A quarter of the tableau is now blocked with useless cards that could have been left in the dealt pile for later.

Want to learn more about this solitaire game?  It is called Royal Cotillion and it is this month’s Free Solitaire Game of the Month.  You can read all about the gameplay and strategy here:  Royal Cotillion; Invitation to the Dance.


The “wait for it” solitaire tip can be applied to any game where the tableau auto-fills from the dealt pile. Here are a few favorites included in our Solitaire Free Pack:

Windmill (click HERE for a great article on Windmill strategy)

Royal Cotillion



If you’d like to play the very same hand of Royal Cotillion shown above, click on this button using an Android device:

play royal cotillion solitaire

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