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Topsy Turvy Queens Strategy

This was one of the most requested games in our company’s history. I can hardly wait to introduce Topsy Turvy Queens solitaire! Here’s how to play.

play topsy turvy queens solitaire

A double-deck game, the top row has 8 foundations which build up in suit, starting from a King, then building up from Ace to Queen.  When the Queen arrives on the foundation, it unlocks the face-down reserve card underneath.

topsy turvy queens solitaire

At the start of the game, move any available Kings up to the foundations and start building them up in suit.

The tableau builds down in suit.  Ordered stacks can be moved.  Try to maneuver the stacks to get down to the Kings and Aces.

Sometimes, a game will move slowly and suspensefully along until the keystone card is turned up from the deck.  In this case, when the 4♦ was revealed, it turned the whole game around.

topsy turvy queens solitaire strategy

The 3♦ was moved onto the 4♦ which revealed three cards that could play to the foundations. After these moves, we’ll be able to move the suit of diamonds up to the foundation, and the first of our locked cards will be turned “topsy turvy” by the arrival of the Queen.

topsy turvy queens solitaire strategy

The gold highlighted 4♠ is the “topsy turvy” reserve card, unlocked from underneath the foundation. It can only be played onto another foundation, not back down to the tableau. In this case, we can play it over to the 3 of spades foundation and build it up to the 7♠.

Also, we can move the 10♥ over to the open column and move the A♥ up to the foundation. Once you have an open column, look for opportunities like this to utilize it.

topsy turvy queens solitaire tips

The more cards you can move up to the foundations, the more space you will have to organize the tableau stacks that remain.  That is the key behind the Topsy Turvy Queens strategy.

For a long time, I wanted to get to the bottom of that 4th column – the one with the 9♠ at the base. Finally, I was able to reach it by building under the 3♦.  I opted to discuss the “building under” solitaire strategy in a separate article HERE.  Once I had the 5-4-3♦, I was able to do this:

topsy turvy queens strategy

Yes, there is a lot going on there!  I moved the Q-J-10 of spades to an open column, then moved the 5-4-3 of diamonds onto the 6♦, and then moved the 6-5-4-3♦ back to the column it came from. Then I moved the J♣ to the last open column, which allowed me to access the 9♠ and move it to the foundation.  The rest of that spade suit can also move up to the foundation, unlocking another reserve card and opening up another column.

By now, I bet you’d like to try it out for yourself.  The game is available for free on Android in our Solitaire Free Pack. Download now using this link:


Would you like to play through the very same hand I’ve discussed in this article?  Just click on THIS LINK from your Android device and it will take you right to this hand of Topsy Turvy Queens solitaire… unless, of course, you don’t have the app.  Then it will take you to the Play store to download it :)  In that case, it will take you to the Google Play Store to download it.

I won the hand in 416 moves.  See if you can beat that!



Topsy Turvy Queens Solitaire Instructions

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